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And you thought procrastination was bad

There’s a word for those who have it worse…

A friend sent me this info… today… on the day it was posted at




verb tr. : To put off until the day after tomorrow.
verb intr.: To stay at a college for an extended time.

(Personally, I like that the day after tomorrow and being at college too long are somehow related!)

I’d like to think that this is not necessarily a bad thing… the putting off part, not the college part.  If I just don’t get around to something to day for some “whatever” reason, then I feel like a slug.

HOWEVER, if I decide that I can’t do it today, and tomorrow won’t work either, then I can perendinate on purpose. I can give myself a slight break from feeling guilty for putting the thing off and make a real plan to do it the day after.

The trick is to actually pat myself on the back for making the decision and then doing the thing.

We can hope, right?

What’s a wonk?

I noticed a definition of the word “wonk” on the MSSP Nexus Blog. In particular this post says it’s

“a student who spends much time studying and has little or no social life…”

I prefer the definition at

“An expert who studies a subject or issue thoroughly and excessively.”

See, I wouldn’t mind being that latter kind of wonk, but the former kind with no social life.. Well, that’s just not so in my case.
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One of the things I feel particularly wonkish about is bylaws. Yea, I know, it’s odd for sure. But I find them fascinating and I really enjoy the coaching opportunities I get when working with groups to figure out what their bylaws should say.

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A Seagull Manager

I love words that are used to describe something they weren’t meant to describe… but they make such a clear picture. I bet there’s a grammatical name for that, but I can’t think of it.

So for now, let me start this archive that I’ll call “Just what does that word mean?” with this reference I found over at Off The Record | Anonymous Real life tales from the tech trenches

He was what is commonly referred to as a “seagull” manager: fly in, make a lot of noise, crap all over everything, then leave.

I’ve known people like that. Haven’t you?

P.S. If you think of other words that seem to fit in the category, please share ’em in the comments below.