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Making art in your spare time

Looking for a good flick? (And I’m not talking movie here. But rather an activity for flicking. See what I mean here.) Check out
Move the mouse, click it.. and keep doing that.
Here’s what I got.jacksonpollock-org
I think Jaspar Johns said, about art, (and oooo babies! .. I am sure I am butchering this quote)

First you do something and then you add something else and you keep doing that and pretty soon you have something.

Have fun! Oh, I know I did.

Five second rule rules!

When I was growing up if food hit the ground, my mother just said, “You can eat that.”

When I was in college, back in the 70s, my engineer not-quiet-yet-husband first told me there was an actual rule about eating food that fell on the floor. He told me food was safe to be picked up from the floor and eaten a full SIX seconds after it fell!
eating off the ground

I know other people who actually believe that food is safe up to a whole TEN seconds after it falls!

And now today I have learned that the five-second rule has, in fact, been scientifically proven. I read it first in Kevin Cowherd’s column in the Baltimore Sun today. I checked it out on The Connecticut College website where they reported that two smart women, Molly Goettsche and Nicole Moin, both cellular and molecular biology majors, took it upon themselves to prove the rule using apples (who would eat them after they fall on the floor), Skittles (which everyone knows actually DO last for ever) and agar plates (that’s real science!)

The results prove, Goettsche and Moin said, that you can wait at least 30 seconds to pick up wet foods and more than a minute to pick up dry foods before they become contaminated with bacteria.

They’ll be great mothers one day, I feel certain.

Whoever says that engineers and geeks don’t have a sense of humor is just nuts!

Cool Stuff Being Made

Thank you very much to the librarians and researchers over at the ResourceShelf for once again showing me more fascinating ways to waste time!

They did warn me. Cool Stuff Being Made requires a “time sink alert.”

Ah yes.. This morning I watched a video on how Silly Putty is made and my hero, Red Green narrated one on how Duct Tape is made.. And there are so many more to go!

Thanks to the National Association of Manufacturers for this on demand learning stuff!
Oh the hours I can flick away with THIS great info!


Jumping Monkeys

Mark Forster ususally has great tips for organizing your life in his blog called Get Everything Done. But now, perhaps as a holiday gift, he posted a link to this great time waster! Check it out. A jumping monkey game Air Monkey.

Hey, I call this post a “flick” from the Caltech practice I stumbled on close to ten years ago, I’m sure.

Flicking is the art of actively avoiding work.

True masters of the art may also practice advanced flicking. This rarefied art is in concept very simple: it involves doing other, less important work, rather than the true work at hand. Even normally onerous and necessary jobs such as dishwashing are advanced flicking, if a paper is due on the next day. Homework itself may be advanced flicking if it is more necessary for the dishes to be washed.

So I am doing something “important” — sharing with you — instead of something which is probably more important — organizing my office!

Have fun.
Happy day after Turkey Day.