Jumping Monkeys

Mark Forster ususally has great tips for organizing your life in his blog called Get Everything Done. But now, perhaps as a holiday gift, he posted a link to this great time waster! Check it out. A jumping monkey game Air Monkey.

Hey, I call this post a “flick” from the Caltech practice I stumbled on close to ten years ago, I’m sure.

Flicking is the art of actively avoiding work.

True masters of the art may also practice advanced flicking. This rarefied art is in concept very simple: it involves doing other, less important work, rather than the true work at hand. Even normally onerous and necessary jobs such as dishwashing are advanced flicking, if a paper is due on the next day. Homework itself may be advanced flicking if it is more necessary for the dishes to be washed.

So I am doing something “important” — sharing with you — instead of something which is probably more important — organizing my office!

Have fun.
Happy day after Turkey Day.


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