Signature Files for Advertising

In my continuing rant on the simple things of business, I wrote a piece for the ADHD Coaches Organization about using a signature file, also called a sig file — those short couple of lines at the end of your emails that tell people who you are and a pass on a tiny bit of advertising about your business.

From the article:

It should not be more than about seven to ten lines long. It should contain at least your full name with appropriate credentials, your business name, your web site address and your phone number. I also include my street address and my email address – just in case the body of my email is detached from the header (the top part of an email that includes the to/from info).

If you send a joke to your mother and she sends it on, then your info will follow with it. I can’t tell you how many random emails I’ve gotten from people looking for a coach who found out about me because of those couple lines of text at the end of an email they read someplace — someplace in which I was not particularly trying to advertise!

You can have different sig files for different kinds of correspondence. I have one for emails about the ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization), one for the work I do with our local CHADD chapter.

Read the full article here.

And, just FYI, here’s the file I use most often:

Kerch McConlogue, CPCC, PCC
              Clients with too many ideas are my passion!
Map the Future
701 Hunting Place
Baltimore, MD 21229

VOICE:        410.233.3274