If you want me to thank you, give me your address.

I’m on a roll here with things that bug me.
Here’s another one.
… people who don’t put their physical address on their business cards.

I figure this is some kind of hedge against random people showing up at your home. It must be your home you’re protecting, otherwise, why hide the address?

Before I was a coach, I was an artist. I made painted papercuttings and sold them to craftshops across the country and at craft fairs up and down the east coast. I always had my street address on those cards.. and by the way, I’ve always worked from home.

Back in the day, there was no internet open to the general public. So your phone number and address were the only way clients might find a professional.

In almost 30 years, I never had a person randomly show up on my doorstep. But in the ten years since I have more or less retired from that business, I’ve had a pretty fair number of people call or write because they kept my business card and now, years after we met, they want to buy something or ask about something. What kind of connection might THAT be worth?

Sometimes they want something I still have around. Sometimes they want something I could make up relatively easily. And it always connects me to someone I once met.

Connection is a very nice thing.

But over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten way too many cards with no physical address. Miserable dictu — that’s Latin, means “terrible to say”.. or as I recall anyway — most of the cards I get without addresses are from women. HMMM, Do I think you are professional? Or scared of the public?

Why does it matter to me?
When I meet new people, I like to drop them a note and make another connection after that initial hand shake. Perhaps, (“Although it’s hard to believe,” she said smiling) I didn’t make a big enough impression so they don’t recognize my email address.

Perhaps a hundred people will be sending that person an email. So why bother to open mine?

I like to send post cards. My own personal post card, with my logo, address, tag line, etc. It also has a place for a HAND WRITTEN NOTE! Imagine! And I like to write with a fountain pen! Think my note will stand out? You bet.
Think you’ll get one, if I don’t have your address? Nope.

Hey, try this, send me a note with your street address, and I’ll send you a post card!
And, hey, if you’re doing it right, your street address is already in your signature file so you only have to click that button and we’re good to go!

I’m waiting to hear from you.