When does “the man” own you?

I said in my first bit about my prioirites for deciding: “The second step or priority I use for making decisions is this: People who want to give me money take priority over everything else.” But I’ve been thinking about that.

It’s important to decide how much of your life you’ll give over to people who want to give you money. I’m wondering if you’ve been on the road for a three days and you get home at 8 pm, should “the man who wants to give you money” expect that you’ll work another couple hours on a report about the trip?

At what point does “the man” own you? At what point do you get to say, “No.”

I think that it could be a different answer for everybody. The new hire may be more inclined to toe the corporate line, to learn the corporate culture. A man with 30 years experience may be in a different position.

But if you know your decision about “the man,” and you know why you chose to construct it in that specific way, I’m thinking it will be harder to be taken advantage of without your consent.