Oh, to get up in the morning

I have a fascination with gadgets and ideas that just might help. Check out my post about practicing yourself out of bed from the other day…

But how about this! LifeHack.org showed me a new possibility: an alarm clock that moves around the room.. all by itself. Looks like it only moves after you hit snooze. But what if it moved ALL the time? Not being able to even find it to hit snooze would seem to be a real benefit!

1 thought on “Oh, to get up in the morning

  1. Barry Zweibel

    Hi Kerch ~ Let it be known that the ‘snooze’ button is one of the most dangerous inventions ever! All it does is train us to NOT wake up when we’re supposed to. My advice: never ever use it again … or break it so that you can’t!

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