What is Web 2.0?

Have you been hearing references to Web 2.0 and don’t quite get what that means… No, it’s not a new programing language. If you want the whole magilla on it, check out this piece over at O’Reilly Media for more information than you could possibly need, unless, of course, you DO need it. (BTW, you should know, there is more than one O’Reilly in the world)

But if you just want to get the basic idea so you can sound smart at parties, check out this great video hosted over on YouTube explaining Web 2.0 by Michael Wesch, associate professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University.

I have to tell you that the new set up of my machine is not quite complete and has left me without speakers… but I didn’t want to wait to tell you about great video. It easily gets the message across even in silence. My apologies if the sound is weird… but I’m betting it’s not.

I don’t know how many people might notice that the beginning of this short flick looks an awful lot like “Why Man Creates” the 1968 classic short film by Saul Bass.

I must have seen that movie 20 times while I was in college. Art professors showed it as well as my favorite Math King, Marvin Brubaker, who retired last year from Messiah College in Grantham, PA. (He once told me he was the only democrat there… OK, maybe one of a very few.) But they honored him at a great retirement gig that I was pleased to attend.

Funny how your favorite professor, who you thought really liked you best, really seemed to like everyone best? How cool is that? How fortunate for those of us who felt special … even if it was less than we really imagined.

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