Who is that woman on my website?

Kerch McConlogue
I just got a really short email. Maybe it really was spam. But it sure made me laugh. It came from a yahoo address that looked like a real guy, I mean no collection of letters and numbers that are clearly fake. The subject was Hello, which normally I don’t open. But sometimes I get a flash of ESP or something and I do. Here’s my reward for this morning:

I don’t need a life coach, but your picture shows a really lovely woman! Kudos to your folks’ genetic material.

Hey guys.. that picture? It’s me! It’s not very recent, but I still look pretty much just like that! I had a professional photographer take it because I wanted a good shot for this website and I wanted to control (to the best of my ability) the picture they run with my obituary… And no, I’m not planning on going any time soon. (Check out my article on the value of a good photograph here.)

And by the way, I don’t have “folks.” It’s just me here, doing the coaching and the marketing and everything else that needs to get done around a small business office. I have a lot of experience running a business, and sometimes, when I get in the flow, it seems pretty easy. But if there’s something going on in my business, it’s only because I am doing it.

Thanks for visiting.
Come back soon.