Guy Kawaski in Fast Company

I love Guy Kawasaki.  I heard him speak at an ICF conference years ago.  The talk was amazing, based on his book, The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything. He said some really useful stuff, like:

  • 32 point type on PowerPoint slides, and make there be fewer slides in any presentation (AMEN, brother!)
  • But MY favorite?  How to make my Tivo jump forward in 30 second blocks instead of the factory installed 10!

I follow him on Twitter. I’m not a fanatic user, you understand. But when I’m sitting with nothing to do, I can count on Guy Kawaski’s tweets to be interesting, useful, or funny.  AND there are plenty of them.  If, as he says, the purpose in his tweets is to drive people to his website,, well, it works with me. And that, for those of us who understand that no one cares what we just watched on TV, is the purpose of it all, isn’t it? Check out the interview with him in Fast Company, called “Guy Kawasaki on Twitter Brawls, Authenticity, and How He Plans to Win The Influence Project.”

Here’s part of what made me think:

Look at my Twitter stream, it is almost all links, and I tweet out every tweet four times, eight hours apart. So I quadruple my links.

I’m like CNN. Some people read my tweets at 8am, some at 5pm. They’re not going to go back eight hours and look at what I tweeted. All my effort is about finding interesting links. I have a very interesting feed. Some of it is useful, some of it is educational, some of it is inspirational and some of it is downright funny. That’s the value of following me.