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Fascinating opportunity for decision making

StumbleUpon has replace solitaire as my favorite way to waste time on the computer. This morning I found this over at

The post 8 Things a Pickup Artist Can Teach You About Seducing Your Spouse

The quote, one of 8 tips learned from the seduction community about “picking up” their wives:

Be decisive: Pickup artists train to be decisive, and when they suggest a date they always have a time, a date, and a place in mind. None of this”I’d like to do whatever you want to do” stuff. Decisiveness is sexy, and one can be decisive without being pushy or overpowering. If you suggest a date, then know where you want to go, what time you want to be there, and what you want to do afterwards. If your spouse wants to do something else then that’s fine, but try to always have a plan. Decision making can be exhausting, especially after a long day of work, so be willing to relieve your spouse of that role and create experiences.

Now that’s interesting to me, not just from the vantage point of a flirt, but also from the view of a regular friend.

Don’t invite me to dinner and then ask ME where I want to go!

By the way, the rest of the tips are great too. Perhaps not only for people who want to secuce their spouses, but also as general social tips.
Not only does the opposite sex appreciate these behaviors, but I’m guessing, except for the making our part, your regular friends might like this stuff too.

If my brain is working really hard, can I be expected also to make the best decisions?

Cake or fruit?
That is the question.

Willpower and cognitive processing draw from the same pool of resources.

I should be making the handouts for my talk on SEO at the upcoming ACO conference. But it’s complicated:  the writing, the editing, the figuring out what is enough and what is probably too much.

I think I need a snack. Mmmmmmm … Sugared nuts my sister-in-law made for Christmas.  Probably not the best choice at 9 AM.  But that’s what my brain said I wanted.

Why did I not choose an apple, or an orange or one of those pretty-close-to-too-ripe bananas? And what does this have to do with people who live and work with ADHD?  As it turns out, a lot.

Kathy Sierra wrote in her blog, Serious Pony:

…165 grad students were asked half to memorize a seven-digit number and the other half to memorize a two-digit number.

After completing the memorization task, participants were told the experiment was over, and then offered a snack choice of either chocolate cake or a fruit bowl.

chocolate cake
Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Fruit bowl
Image by Jacques David from Pixabay

The participants who memorized the seven-digit number were nearly 50% more likely than the other group to choose cake over fruit.

Researchers were astonished by a pile of experiments that led to one bizarre conclusion:

Willpower and cognitive processing draw from the same pool of resources.

Kerch McConlogue

Kerch McConlogue, CPCC, used to be a coach and somehow can’t stop thinking about deciding and how coaches and coaching works for people with ADHD.  Now she helps coaches and other businesses people decide about their websites  at

How do you know your ADHD meds are working?

Medicine can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.

It helps to have a clear appreciation about what that is–exactly– for you.

Download and print out the McConlogue Med Monitor.

Fill in the blanks for a days or so. Stimulant meds go in and out of your system pretty fast. So if you don’t make it thru one whole day, try again tomorrow.

It will help you see clearly how your meds are affecting you.

Take it with you when you next see your doctor.  They seem to like papers!

It might help you be more specific with your information.

Another way to get up in the morning

“So,” they said, “If you run this app on your phone,
use the app’s alarm,
then sleep with the phone under your pillow,
it will wake you up at the perfect time within about a half hour window.”
AND it would also show a chart how deep your sleep was and how many times you woke up in the night.

I was skeptical about the alarm part. Seems a little like waiting for the tooth fairy!

But that last part about how many times I awake in the night was something I was really curious about.  It seems like I wake up hundred times each night. Turns out not nearly so many. AND it also shows how LONG I’m awake or nearly awake in that night.

And here’s the thing.

I didn’t read the directions quite right. So I didn’t realize I had actually SET the alarm. I had the phone on silent so it only quietly buzzed at me in the morning.  And man, it was spot on! I was actually ready to get moving.

If I were a crazy heavy sleeper like my son, I could have made the alarm as loud as my phone goes… and set off right under his head?  I bet THAT would do the trick!

Check it out.  At press time it cost $.99 for iPhones only, I think.