“When the competitive urge gets so great, it is difficult to embrace a code of ethics… The moral dilemmas begin to seem as a barrier – rather than a guide – to effective lawyering.”
Charles Ogletree in I’Ve Known Rivers: Lives of Loss and Liberation by Sara Lawrence Lightfoot

Competition holds an important place in our culture. Kids are encouraged to participate on sports teams for the athletics of it, for the comradery of it, and for the experience of winning and losing.

When the third of those reasons takes first place, it seems we forget that the other two even exist.

Win-at-any cost fosters bullying among children who grow to be bullying bosses, spouses and, dare I use the word, friends. It doesn’t just affect lawyering but also any other pursuit.

Know at the core what is important to you. For me, it’s respect. Competition and respect are not mutually exclusive. But they do support the joy of athletics and comradery.