Saving receipts nightmare over? Maybe.

receiptsI’m so excited. I just found a way to keep track of money painlessly!

I hate looking for receipts and figuring out what they go to, what they were for.. and where they should be filed.

But wait…

I just read over at about a new service called ShoeBoxed that will freakin’ ORGANIZE YOUR RECEIPTS for you!!  You just mail the stuff in their postage paid envelope and they scan it and provide a bunch of different ways to make the stuff available to you.

I’ve not tried this system at all.. so I can’t say I’m recommending it, per se.  I’m definitely gonna try a 30 day free trial.  I’ll report back when I know more.

However, one of the very cool things they suggest (and to do this you don’t need their service at all!):

Take a picture of your receipts with your camera phone! How cool is that. You always have it with you anyway. The picture is at least a pretty clear record of what you spent. I’m thinking if you just want to remember how much you spent at the grocery store, just click the bottom line.  If it’s more complicated, I’ll click it more than once if it won’t all fit in one pretty reasonably sized picture.

They have an iphone app that, I suppose, will send them the info in the right place and it would be part of your collection of stuff.  If you’ve used ShoeBoxed, or when you do, please comment back here.  I think this could be really big!