One clear thought in the morning

Sometimes, when new information is particularly deep I have to sleep on it. I’ve learned to depend on the value of what I call my “one clear thought” in the morning. It pops up before I even get out of bed. But I do have to listen for it. Yesterday’s call was full of the kind of information I had to sleep on.

The whole concept of coaching my own business instead of just my clients is pretty fascinating and so easy to forget about in the day to day “doing” of the work.

But from yesterday’s call, what I think will be the most useful in the building of my business is the one about “Be a Google.”

I’m working on a book and website about revising your organization’s bylaws. (Yea, I know EVERYONE thinks that’s boring. But I’ve learned that if you strip the legalese from the project, it can be really fascinating!) But I digress.

There isn’t a lot of information out there about the process of building them. (Yep, lots of templates, not so much about what you’re building) Many sites I’ve found are definitely worth sharing with others and will, for sure, make build my presence. I know if I make my customers smarter, they will come back.

My friend Andrea said:

“Problems exist in the absence of conversation.”

Now that’s powerful!

I can build that conversation with a blog. I want to help people solve their organizational problems.

And if I am who I am (even if I’m not Popeye) they will want to do business with me. (And if they don’t, then someone else can have ’em).

I also know that more smarter people in the world can not be a bad thing!