Time just slipping away?

Time management and prioritizing are two issues that many of my clients share. I’ve got two tips for your consideration:

I’ve got five things ToDo on my list

Yea, I can pick the most important one.. but the others sometimes mush together. Here’s a little application that helps you sort through which of the five things on your list really IS the most important. You list the five things and then choose which one is more important a given “other one. In the end, it spits out your ordered list. Check it out.

A different perspective

The other idea is about looking with a different perspective at managing your work schedule. Traditionally, people advise blocking out time each day for the big project.

My prime work time is from 10 am til 2 pm. So I’ll work on the Johnson report today until it’s finished. I’ll worry about the Fredericks report next. Or you block all the computer jobs together. It’s a very linear way of approaching tasks. And perhaps it works well for very linear people, which, of course, I am not.

In time striping you look at a week at a time. I started to write an explaination, but it’s already so clear at lifehack.org. So what’s the point? Check it out.