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And you thought procrastination was bad

There’s a word for those who have it worse…

A friend sent me this info… today… on the day it was posted at




verb tr. : To put off until the day after tomorrow.
verb intr.: To stay at a college for an extended time.

(Personally, I like that the day after tomorrow and being at college too long are somehow related!)

I’d like to think that this is not necessarily a bad thing… the putting off part, not the college part.  If I just don’t get around to something to day for some “whatever” reason, then I feel like a slug.

HOWEVER, if I decide that I can’t do it today, and tomorrow won’t work either, then I can perendinate on purpose. I can give myself a slight break from feeling guilty for putting the thing off and make a real plan to do it the day after.

The trick is to actually pat myself on the back for making the decision and then doing the thing.

We can hope, right?

Recycling gone wild

Sometimes you see something that you just think you have to pass on… for no particular reason but that it tickled your fancy. This morning that came from Reveries’ Cool News of the Day:

Tressa Prisbrey saw a structure at Knott’s Berry Farm and decided to try the construction method out for herself.   My own family visited KBF when I was in the 6th grade. and I did not see this! Anyway, Tressa used bottles… hundreds of thousands of bottles and concrete.  According to Reveries:

She collected most of her materials from the local dump, although her hard-drinking husband drained enough beer bottles to create an entire structure made of his empties alone. Her intent was to shame him but apparently this didn’t work.

Check out the rest of her story here.

And then, just for fun, check out the rest of THAT site. I found MORE of those bottle houses here.

Time just slipping away?

photo by Schnuffel from
photo by Schnuffel from

Time management and prioritizing are two issues that many of my clients share. I’ve got two tips that might help:

Say I’ve got five things ToDo on my list. Yea, I can pick the most important one… but the others sometimes mush together. Here’s a little application that helps you sort through which of the five things on your list really IS the most important. You list the five things and then choose which one is more important a given “other one.” In the end, it spits out your ordered list. Check it out at the

The other idea is about looking with a different perspective at managing your work schedule.

Traditionally, people advise blocking out time each day for the big project. “My prime work time is from 10 am til 2 pm. So I’ll work on the Johnson report today until it’s finished. I’ll worry about the Fredericks report next.” Or you block all the computer jobs together. It’s a very linear way of approaching tasks. And perhaps it works well for very linear people, which, of course, I am not.

I stumbled on this alternative method of arranging my days: Time Striping.

In time striping you look at a week at a time. I started to write an explanation, but it’s already so clear at So what’s the point? Check it out here.

You say toMAto, I say tomaato

Now that I’ve shared my 1/2 brain cell with half the western world, I just gotta ask… What’s the big deal about the mistaking an “r” for a “t”? (See yesterday’s stupid pet trick)

Genetic, generic… are they really so different?

OK, OK.. I’m sure my DNA string musta snapped someplace and I’ve totally embarrassed my parental units.

And for that I do apologize!

Who is that woman on my website?

Kerch McConlogue
I just got a really short email. Maybe it really was spam. But it sure made me laugh. It came from a yahoo address that looked like a real guy, I mean no collection of letters and numbers that are clearly fake. The subject was Hello, which normally I don’t open. But sometimes I get a flash of ESP or something and I do. Here’s my reward for this morning:

I don’t need a life coach, but your picture shows a really lovely woman! Kudos to your folks’ genetic material.

Hey guys.. that picture? It’s me! It’s not very recent, but I still look pretty much just like that! I had a professional photographer take it because I wanted a good shot for this website and I wanted to control (to the best of my ability) the picture they run with my obituary… And no, I’m not planning on going any time soon. (Check out my article on the value of a good photograph here.)

And by the way, I don’t have “folks.” It’s just me here, doing the coaching and the marketing and everything else that needs to get done around a small business office. I have a lot of experience running a business, and sometimes, when I get in the flow, it seems pretty easy. But if there’s something going on in my business, it’s only because I am doing it.

Thanks for visiting.
Come back soon.